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Trade with shares on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange

The trade with shares is more and more attractive investment alternative for initiative people with the necessary self-confidence and knowledge. The Bulgarian public companies are quoted on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange, Sofia.

Initial Public Offering (IPO)

IPO – Initial Public Offering is listing (emitting) of first emission ordinary shares of a given company on the stock market. The most significant aim of the IPO is to raise additional net asset value for the enterprise.

Mergers and Acquisitions

The corporate mergers/acquisitions are most frequently a complicated process of many stages. The analysis and preparation of the merger/acquisition are of significant importance, as they have to ensure correct evaluation of the economic benefits.

Investment Consultations

Consultations and assessment of companies. Depending on the specifics of your business and the concrete situation characteristics, we will work out analysis in the direction needed by you, based on the theory and approved world models.

Тender Offering

The tender offering can be obligatory and voluntary according to the size of the share participation of the majority shareholder. An offer with fixed price and fixed term for acceptance is made to the other shareholders; this offer shall be approved by the Financial Supervision Commission.

Registration Mediation

Inheritance of securities, issuance of a duplicate of depository receipt. Varchev Finance EOOD is a licensed registration agent, it conducts procedures related to ascertainment and transfer of ownership on securities.

Our Philosophy

The better part of the most famous and successful financial institutions in the world have been named after their establisher as a promise for straightness and personal responsibility towards the investors... an essential guarantee for striving for providing the best and securest possible personal and corporate capital management.

Everyone has the right to live well. Our goal is to make you wealthier. In the complicated and dynamic world of financial markets the opportunities are as great as the obstacles are but we know how to overcome them and how to develop as we are always after what is modern and long-term oriented. Money secures a better life. Let us make your life better!

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